Quality & Customer Relation

High quality products and services only available directly from Photron’s own plant located in Japan.

Photron has its ISO9001 certificate, and produces all products in its own factory located in Yonezawa-City, Yamagata Prefecture in Japan. Photron provides a wide range of supports from close inspection before shipping to check-up and repair services after delivery and installation of products.

In addition, Photron has acquired Eco-Action 21* certificate and continues the efforts to manufacture the products always taking into consideration the environment conditions, and to cope with any environmental issues in the most positive manner.

*Eco-Action 21: The ISO14001-based environmental management system which was created and is being heavily promoted by the Ministry of Environment.

Secure and trustworthy support system

We, at Photron, are all particular about the quality of not only the products but also the support service we offer.
As well as we develop and manufacture hardware and software products to sell, we locate well-experienced and -trained staff in our domestic and overseas sales offices in order to offer the best possible support to the customers.
All of such staff members are making best efforts daily to develop, and to improve, solutions for technical issues so that they can offer the best support service to the customers.

Reliable support service by telephone and email

Photron offers telephone / email supports by its specialized staff so that the customers can use the product comfortably and smoothly. We at Photron always act so that the products contribute to maximizing the business efficiency of the customer.
At Photron, demands and opinions of customers communicated to us at the time of rendering support service are shared by relevant staff persons in the development and manufacturing divisions so that they can be reflected in the features and specifications of future products as much as possible.

Systematic support service that makes the customer’s desire realized

We aim for Photron products contributing to improvement of the business efficiency of the customer. Therefore, we do not propose a group of individual products, but we propose a total system which we build up by integrating Photron products and ancillary devices and equipment, which is most suitable for the workflow of the customer. And, we install and offer support services for the best use of the system.

Field support service by specialized engineers

Photron’s knowledgeable and fully-experienced field engineers offer "relief" to the customers in any situation. The relief covers anything from maintenance to consultation of operational techniques of the purchased products.
The support engineer will make a quick and accurate restoration work. In this way, we try to minimize the adverse effects to the workflow of the customer when a malfunctioning status should come up in the product and/or system.