Corporate Philosophy

PolicyTo create trust by customer satisfaction

Photron respects and values the environment where everyone involved can grow as an individual brushing up one's heart and skills. We embrace the ideal of being tied with all people around by trust, and will strive to attain customer satisfaction with our efforts that exceed customers' expectations. And, in order to maintain favorable relationship with customers based on trust, we will do our best to perform our role taking full responsibility, without betraying, deceiving or giving up, to prove ourselves useful to and welcomed by society.

MissionTo contribute to improvement of customers' business efficiency.

Our mission is to make ourselves useful to society by contributing to the improvement of customers' business efficiencies in response to the market needs. To perform this mission, we will play with sincerity the role given to us as a manufacturer. Our role encompasses the full spectrum of business aspects - planning, developing, manufacturing and selling products and supporting customers. We will try our best to improve the product and service quality in all respects to continue to offer security and solutions as a service-minded company that can be relied upon in case of need.

VisionTo make a company that focuses all its efforts on imaging

We at Photron, as a manufacturer, will continue to plan and develop new technologies and products directly related to imaging. However narrow and steep the road may be, as long as we know it is useful to society, we will pursue it deeply to the very end where no others would possibly follow. We take pride in our being creative without ever imitating others. We listen to customers to find out what they need, and based on the information obtained there, will always try, without hesitation, to open up new markets challenging requirement for new technologies. With all these as corporate assets to inherit, we will make ourselves a company that continues to focus its efforts on imaging.