Origin of Photron's Technologies

Photron's name was derived from "Photon" and "Electron" Photron's technologies originated in cinematography

Photron's technologies originated in the sales of movie cameras many decades ago. In those days, and until the video tape recorder (VTR) was invented and was put into practical use after being sufficiently improved in early 1960s, cinematography based on film and chemical process was the only means for recording moving images. It was used not only for making theatrical films, but also for news gathering for TV news programs, production of dramas, and general motion image recording in scientific and medical fields.

As a solution for demanding needs of recording moving images in special application fields, Photron sold high-speed film cameras for recording X-ray images of moving human hearts and periscopic cameras for recording scenes within nuclear power reactors, and developed its own movie cameras for tracking projectiles such as rockets and missiles. In addition to the above, Photron was actively engaged itself in the business of microfilm equipment which promised convenience in storage, retrieval and transfer of images of various documents and engineering drawings recorded on films. Photron developed its own microfilm viewers and image retrieval systems for use by general business and manufacturing companies for recording, archiving and retrieval of business and engineering documents and drawings. The cinematographic technology evolved into analog electronic imaging technology over time, and finally into technologies encompassing digital imaging equipment and systems combined with computer hardware and software technologies.

Through the recent years of activities, Photron developed video equipment for TV broadcast stations and computer peripheral equipment, and, by request from universities and research institutes, it developed digital high-speed video cameras that eventually replaced the conventional film-based high-speed cameras. Also, based on its technical expertise previously obtained through its development of minicomputer-based microfilm retrieval systems, Photron developed its own personal CAD software system to the users' requirement.

Photron expanded its business as the application of movie picture recording technologies evolved. It has vigorously developed products based on state-of-the-art technologies and has been offering its excellent products to the global market.