year history
July 1968, Osawa Laboratories, the predecessor of Photron, was founded by J. Osawa & Co. as a100 % owned subsidiary.
June 1974, Photron Limited, a 100 % owned subsidiary of J. Osawa & Co., was founded.
September 1983, Osawa Laboratories and Photron Limited merged to form Photron Limited as a 100 % owned subsidiary of J. Osato & Co.
May 1984, Chisan Limited acquired the whole stock of Photron Limited from J. Osawa & Co.
June 1985, Opened Ebina Plant in Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Opened Nagoya branch office.
December 1988, Opened San Jose, California, Branch Office to sell products and collect market and technical information.
March 1991, Opened Yonezawa Plant in Yamagata Prefecture to expand production capacity.
July 1992, IMAGICA Corp. acquired all stock from Chisan Limited to own Photron Limited.
July 1994, Opened Fukuoka Branch Office in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
September 1997, Company made public by offering stock over the counter.
January 2000, Established Photron USA, Inc., a 100 % owned subsidiary, in San Jose, California, USA to expand the sales power in Americas.
June 2000, Acquired I-Chips Technology Limited, a fabless developer-manufacturer of general-purpose LSI for imaging equipment, as a subsidiary.
April 2001, Established Photron Europe Limited, a 100 % owned subsidiary, in a suburban city of London, UK, to expand sales power in the European markets.
November 2001, Established Photron Vietnam Technical Center Limited, a 100 % owned subsidiary, as a local center for under-contract product development and design works.
March 2002, Acquired ISO9001:2000 Product Quality Management certificate.
September 2003, Moved the Head Office and R&D Studio (Ebina Plant) to the present location at Fujimi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo.
August 2007, Established Photron Medical Imaging Inc., a 100 % owned subsidiary.
January 2010, ISO certificate status changed to ISO9001:2008.
April 2011, Became a fully-owned subsidiary of Imagica-Robot Holdings through demerger and merger.
July 2012, Merged with IMAGICA DIGIX Inc.
August 2012, In August 2012, Photron established PHOTRON (SHANGHAI) LIMITED in Shanghai, China, as the stronghold for enhancing the customer support service and sales capabilities, as the demand expands in the relevant market.
November 2014, Acquired the whole stock of Telecute Inc.(Company name changed to IPmotion Inc. in April 2017)
May 2015, Move the Head Office and Nagata-Cho Office to the present location at Kanda Jinbo-Cho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo.
April 2017, Transferred the Educational Imaging Systems Business to Photron Medical Imaging Inc. (now "Photron M&E Solutions Inc."), a 100 % owned subsidiary.
April 2020, Transferred the Educational Imaging Systems Business from Photron M&E Solutions Inc.